What the fuck is up with Indian politics?

Indian Parliament Building Delhi India

Indian Parliament Building Delhi India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indian politics is not something that excites me. I am sure I wouldn’t be wrong if I call it the most disgusting shit that is still surviving in this country. I am sorry for my inappropriate use of words but that’s the only way I can describe myself. Politics in India is not at all like what it should be for a country to prosper and develop. There’s corruption, more corruption, and lots more. My outrage against the Indian politics wasn’t sudden but a gradual process. It peaked when I started hearing about the possibility of media being paid by the government to talk nice about them and then immediately seeing news reports which supported the congress instead of Anna Hazare. I mean how in the world is that even possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if I come to know that everything that’s happening in India was actually a big conspiracy plotted by the government.

I am particularly writing this blog to express my views on the political scene in India. Our country is the biggest democracy in India but I think it has hardly gained any benefits of democracy. No one gives a damn about human rights, there are illiterate ministers who have reached the parliament by the way of buying votes, judiciary and the legislative appear to be close buddies most of the times and then there is the government who refuses to pass laws which can help reduce corruption in the country. Moreover everything I just said is known to almost everyone in the country and still nothing seems to be affecting the state of affairs.

So yesterday I started to hear news of Anna Hazare planning to form a political party in order to stimulate his anti corruption movement. I was a big fan of Anna earlier but now it is just a big BLOb of confusion in my head. I now have second thoughts on whether everything Anna had been doing was a political propaganda. On the other hand it is also very believable that it could be a sincere attempt being made by him. It’s not a good feeling when devoting almost 1.5 years of life supplemented by successive hunger strikes doesn’t yield any results. Both the possibilities are equally likely and only time would be able to tell us the reality.

The reason why I wrote such a blog today was because such a political condition in India completely disrupts the economy. Today, India’s growth rates are sliding, foreign investors are reluctant on investing in India and unemployment is increasing. If we notice carefully most of these things are results of the political imbalance in the country. Moreover after Anna pointed out that the new Honorable President Pranav Mukherjee is also involved in corruption, our reputation in the foreign markets is no longer something that we can be proud of. A strong political ground is what encourages businesses, investors and promotes economic activities in India.

As we can see it becomes really important for legislative to be stable for a healthy economy. I wouldn’t be incorrect in saying that the Indian economy will remain doomed till the point we, in totality the citizens of India, do something about it. After all we are living in the worlds largest democracy.

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