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Inefficiencies in fragmented markets.

English: Sitabuldi main road as seen from the ...

English: Sitabuldi main road as seen from the flyover. 🙂 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have noticed a few peculiar things about the commercial environment in India. No doubt it is extremely competitive and highly volatile but there is something that I don’t seem to understand.

I am sure you must have seen several places in India where a million people sell just one type of good. What do you think is common between them? Yes of course, the damn goods. And guess what, all those goods are most likely coming from a single place where a thousand people actually manufacture those goods in a very similar fashion using the same technology which is indeed coming from about a hundred people making that same machinery in an exactly similar way. Now the funny part here is that this practice has been going on since several decades now and in most of the cases there has been no up-gradation whatsoever. Continue reading

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The FDI Extravaganza.

English: Walmart Home Office, the headquarters...

English: Walmart Home Office, the headquarters of Wal-Mart – Bentonville, Arkansas Español: Walmart Home Office, la sede de Wal-Mart – Bentonville, Arkansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Politician 1: We have already stolen everything from the country, what do we do now?

Politician 2:  We can still sell the parts of the country to these firangs. This way we will soon be earning in dollars!

Politician 1: Lets do it fast before we are thrown from here.

Politician 2: Hold on, I am already tweeting Barack ji.

The Blog:

I haven’t written much since the past 2 months mainly due to exams but now things look good and I am looking forward to write in a much more orderly and a regular fashion. So this is where I’ll end defending myself and actually start writing about what has been a hot topic in India during the past few months. I have been wanting to write on this topic since a long time especially because I recently wrote this article about how to sell a country in 5 easy steps and the government seems to have taken it seriously. Continue reading

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The Day Britain Cried. They Call It The Black Wednesday.

Black WednesdayToday is the 20th anniversary of the day popularly known as Black Wednesday. It was the day when some folks made billions of dollars out of short selling while the economy of UK screamed in agony. Many of you may have a brief idea about what happened on that day. Yes! A guy by the name George Soros turned into a billionaire and is now trying to decriminalize marijuana in California but that’s just the fancy part of it. The crisis UK went through during that time was the real deal. It was sad, in fact devastating but it‘s got so much to learn from. There is a lot to learn from this one incident. If economy is something that interests you then fasten your seat belts because I am going to show you the real game. Continue reading

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If there were true peace, there could’ve been lesser people starving to death each year


Peace! (Photo credit: aldrin_muya)

Death due to starvation is a very sensitive topic. All of us have read and heard about people dying due to starvation but we fail to do anything about it. This is probably due to the fact that it’s not us who are starving. Also, we can’t really do much about it considering the fact that food inflation has been climbing faster than any Sherpa who has climbed the Everest. So does this mean that we cannot do anything about this issue? We can put the parliament on fire if we want to but that’s not why I am writing this blog. You will be surprised to know that by the time you read this, 10 Indians would have already died of starvation. Continue reading

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How to sell a country in 5 easy steps.

Sell a country in 5 easy steps!

Country Sold Out. Check Again Later.

So you want to know how to sell your country? But first I would like to clarify that this blog is banned for terrorists and foreign speculators. If you are one, please leave the page immediately and check out some other blog. If you aren’t, continue reading. Selling a country isn’t really that difficult. There are thousands in India who are already doing it and nothing seems to stop them. By nothing I take into account the CBI, the CAG and the Supreme Court. Also, the method I am going to describe below has only been tested in India but you are free to try it out in your own countries as well, although I shall not be responsible if you get into any shit because of it. Continue reading

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For every economist there exists an equal and opposite economist

John Maynard Keynes Русский: Джон Мейнард Кейн...

John Maynard Keynes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Economics is one of the most confusing disciplines in the sense that there exists so many theories which are completely opposite to each other and yet known and accepted by many. This is really absurd in itself as we can never really expect such a thing to happen. How can we have two contradictory propositions on the same subject be held valid at the same time? It’s just crazy which keeps me even more excited to read and know this subject better. The thing is that when you already know the right thing you have no scope to create or give your opinions about anything. For instance we all know the third law of mechanics and i quote To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We have been learning this since years and there’s nothing that you can say or give your opinion about. While you could go deeper and start building the theory of everything, but chances are that no one will really give a damn Continue reading

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We are all mostly Irrational!

When is $11 bigger than $10,000?

When is $11 bigger than $10,000? (Photo credit: Canadian Pacific)

Irrationality is something that completely amazed me soon after I attended TEDxHRC this afternoon. I spent a few hours thinking about it and I simply couldn’t stop myself from writing this blog after that. I am sure you will like what you read ahead.

To begin with, irrationality is a human behavior that can only be supported with false or no reasoning at all. Economists believe that all humans are completely rational but I strongly disagree. There are instances from everyday happenings, things that we see around which will clearly show how irrational human beings are. What’s more surprising is that you and I can actually see this irrationality but still fail to act differently. The human mind is at fault, which leaves much scope for evolution. Continue reading

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