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Happy ‘65th’ Birthday Independent India!

Indian Flag

Indian Flag (Photo credit: Mediocre2010)

It’s one of those days of the year when you always end up finding a reason to be proud of this country. Everything that you have been cribbing about looks so small in front of the diversity, the kind of people, the culture, the heritage, the art and I could just keep going on. I fondly remember the time when I first heard the conversation between Indira Gandhi and Rakesh Sharma. Continue reading

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The below poverty line people are going to be above poverty line for a day. Thanks to our government.

Agricultural labourer in South India. A face t...

Agricultural labourer in South India. A face that speaks volumes. (Photo credit: jankie)

The government is planning to give mobile phones to people who earn less than poverty line benchmark (Rs. 23/day) set by the planning commission. This has called for a lot of disappointment amongst the people who believe that giving mobiles is like adding insult to injury. I am going to add my bit of disappointment in the matter too. Personally I feel it is a really stupid decision on the part of the government. If they really wanted to get some votes they could have probably given them some food to eat. Besides that I can’t digest the fact that they are planning to spend Rs. 7000 cr on this. They really need to learn how budgeting works. Continue reading

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