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How to sell a country in 5 easy steps.

Sell a country in 5 easy steps!

Country Sold Out. Check Again Later.

So you want to know how to sell your country? But first I would like to clarify that this blog is banned for terrorists and foreign speculators. If you are one, please leave the page immediately and check out some other blog. If you aren’t, continue reading. Selling a country isn’t really that difficult. There are thousands in India who are already doing it and nothing seems to stop them. By nothing I take into account the CBI, the CAG and the Supreme Court. Also, the method I am going to describe below has only been tested in India but you are free to try it out in your own countries as well, although I shall not be responsible if you get into any shit because of it. Continue reading

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We, the consumers, will win the Third World War.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

A glimpse of what a war looks like (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not trolling with you folks if that’s what you think. Also, the third world war I am referring to isn’t something that will involve nuclear weapons or anything fancy. The best is that you might just remain completely ignorant about the whole war but in reality still win. Also, unlike Nostradamus I’ll actually assure you with the prediction I am making without using any kind of riddles or similar techniques. One last thing, this war will also lead to a temporary decrease in inflation.

Without further ado Continue reading

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Happy ‘65th’ Birthday Independent India!

Indian Flag

Indian Flag (Photo credit: Mediocre2010)

It’s one of those days of the year when you always end up finding a reason to be proud of this country. Everything that you have been cribbing about looks so small in front of the diversity, the kind of people, the culture, the heritage, the art and I could just keep going on. I fondly remember the time when I first heard the conversation between Indira Gandhi and Rakesh Sharma. Continue reading

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The below poverty line people are going to be above poverty line for a day. Thanks to our government.

Agricultural labourer in South India. A face t...

Agricultural labourer in South India. A face that speaks volumes. (Photo credit: jankie)

The government is planning to give mobile phones to people who earn less than poverty line benchmark (Rs. 23/day) set by the planning commission. This has called for a lot of disappointment amongst the people who believe that giving mobiles is like adding insult to injury. I am going to add my bit of disappointment in the matter too. Personally I feel it is a really stupid decision on the part of the government. If they really wanted to get some votes they could have probably given them some food to eat. Besides that I can’t digest the fact that they are planning to spend Rs. 7000 cr on this. They really need to learn how budgeting works. Continue reading

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Lets see through those Black Markets

English: Black market speculant on graffiti. K...

Black market speculant on graffiti. Kharkov, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been wanting to write about the black market since a long time. Its something that India cannot survive without especially when there are services involved which are to be provided by the government. Now in economic terms a black market is a medium to exploit the demand supply mismatch where, obviously, demand exceeds supply. I don’t think I need to write more about what a black market is. We all have benefitted for them sometime or the other. In this blog I am going to give black market a very Indian treatment. Continue reading

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One buck for a kg of rice, Chidambaram?

Palaniappan Chidambaram (1)

Palaniappan Chidambaram (1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I just saw “Rs. 1” trending on twitter and I was intrigued to know what was this all about. It ended up to be a social media version of a statement made by Mr. Chidambaram. I now proceeded to actually have a glance on what other tweeters had to say about this and I must tell you that people on twitter don’t know how to be moderate. What I was more surprised about was their opinion on the statement. Most of them didn’t really make much sense as I am sure that these guys who are tweeting are probably flashing off their blackberries to be really bothered about rice costing Rs. 16 and not Rs. 15 bucks. The inquisitive brain of mine now wanted to read the actual statement rather than the 140 character versions. What you see below is the statement.

Continue reading

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The Inflationary Tax Policy – A Concept

Taxation is one of the major tools used by governments in a mixed economy. It mainly works as a source for government funds and government spending. Now there’s more to why the government takes on the responsibility to make certain investments but thats a a completely different “road” which we are not catching in this paper. Continue reading

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